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Based in USA, Digitizing Spot is a company of digitizing which is providing you services of Digitizing and Vector Arts with best in quality, high standard in expertise and high level in professionalism. We hire team of those people who are highly professional and expert in their work. Our team of digitizer works in close collaboration of our sales and support team to ensure a well-rounded and personalized experience for each client. Our Customers are our first priority so we are giving our full attention and quick response to each customer. We are providing you the services of small text digitizing, 3-D embroidery digitizing, applique digitizing, left chest logos, Cap logos, jacket back logos, patches on various fabrics, textures, fashion apparel, etc in very affordable price. Our team of professional embroidery digitizers can meet your requirements within the specified time. We take complete requirements from you and then we start work on it so that after digitizing your digital photo is embroidered according to your requirements. We provide quality and fast turnaround for any embroidery digitizing service to our customers. We pride ourselves on outstanding digitizing quality and exceptional customer service, made possible by our hero's our well trained, time-tested and experienced embroidery digitizers.


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Now a day everyone has forgotten their duty of giving good quality and running behind the money it seems that it is price war. But in this price war we know our duty of giving best quality embroidery digitizing & Vector Arts and quick turnaround in very reasonable and affordable prices. Therefore we are not interested in doing dirty and cheap digitizing jobs, instead of this our team of highly skilled and professional digitizers are devoting themselves in giving high standards and quality embroidery digitizing and excellent customer service in very affordable prices. We once were worried about the need to change our premise and follow the price wars. But it cannot satisfy a person who has a passion of his work and our all team has passion of their work. So we stick to our original vision to give top quality work even in reasonable price. Our respectable and devoted customers have rewarded us with their continuous support year after year.

What Is Vector Art?

Vector art is created using vector illustration software programs, such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. These programs use mathematic equations and geometric primitives (points, lines, and shapes) to create art that is clean, camera ready, and can be scaled infinitely, without any loss of quality or fidelity.

What Is Digitizing?

Technically, Digitizing refers to the process of converting analog information into digital information. For example, scanning a photo into the computer is a form of Digitizing. As it relates to embroidery, it is the process of preparing artwork and applying stitches to create a digital embroidery file suitable for use on a computerized embroidery machine.

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Why we are different from Others?

Digitizing Spot is a competent digitizing and designing company providing quality and affordable services. We have satisfied so many customers in USA, UK, Canada, Norway, Iceland, Australia and many more. More than 5 years of experience in the industry of embroidery digitizing we possess great digitizers and using the latest technologies, with premium quality, affordable prices, quick turnaround time, easy ordering system secure payment process and a lot of attractive discounts. With a confident we can say company of Digitizing Spot is providing true digitizing services with a complete satisfaction of their respectable customers.


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